Hey there! Welcome to my blog :) My name is Bronagh and I am from Ireland :) I speak Irish and am quite proud of it :) You'll find quite a lot of things on my blog, for example, Supernatural (a lot of it), Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, DISNEY, New Girl, The Fault in Our Stars and more.
I have finally found my Augustus Waters and he is amazing and the best boyfriend ever :') Okay? Okay. His name is Ruairí and his URL is mjolnir1990, you might find me reblogging a lot of things from him that he tags me in haha :3
I ship Destiel, Ness, Cockles, Bruairí (BronaghxRuairí) and a lot more. Bruairí is my OTP though lol.
So yeah, hit the follow button if you want to see any of the above :D
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In his mind palace haha

In his mind palace haha

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